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  • My name is Julie and have multiple sclerosis. Along with that, I have depression and anxiety. Just recently, I started having some major OAB problems. Getting up every 2 hours at night to use the bathroom. It is very bothersome and interrupts my sleep.
    Today I have an appointment with a urologist and am very anxious about it. I saw the same doctor 10 yrs ago with the same symptoms and they performed a cystoscopy and it was so horrible I vowed never to go through it again.
    So today, I am standing up for myself and telling him no invasive procedures. Hopefully we can discuss some meds that will take care of the problem.
    I also have an appointment with a new neurologist for the MS and she told me to tell the urologist, no invasive tests at least until I see her, so I have that too.
    I can't help but be anxious though. Anyone else afraid of the urologist too?

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