Herbs for Overactive Bladder

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OAB article: Herbs for Overactive BladderHerbs for Overactive Bladder

An herbal science solution that has worked for every case of overactive bladder I’ve seen in the last 20+ years is Dr. Christopher’s Kid-E-Dry Formula.

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  • I use Oxytrol, but it is getting less effect with every patch I use.
  • What about interstitial cysritis?
  • CfarissCfariss Member
    edited December 2014
    What's the herbal tea by Bell?
  • Is it a pre-mixed formula and if so where do I find it ? and if it is not I will make it if I have the ratios

  • Do I make it? Or can I buy it?
  • Looking for advice for incontinence
  • Where do you get Dr. Christopher Kid-E-Dry formula?
  • I've been dealing with oab incontinence for a yr. or more, I'm desperately seeking answers on what to do to get help to stop this problem and live normal again,with or without surgery,! Can anyone please help me,thank you !
  • Please tell me where I can get Dr. Christopher's kid-e-dry Formula?? I am getting desperate for help!! I don't want to take any prescription meds anymore for this Overactive Bladder!! Please Help!

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