COMMUNITY QUESTION: How do you sleep when you have OAB?

AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
Beatriz asks: I can't sleep. I'm up constantly having to go to the bathroom. Does anyone have any solutions?


  • Yes Beatriz, it sounds like your bladder is misbehaving and that's quite often the main reason why incontinence is experienced. Retraining your bladder is the key and you do that by holding on when you feel the urge to go. The key is that you need to train during the day to stop the night bathroom hopping. So, what typically happens is that your bladder is irritated in the night (could be your diet or unfiltered water - all sorts of issues can affect the lining of your bladder) and that then sends a signal to your brain to 'empty.' The problem is that your bladder is nowhere near its full capacity and it develops a very bad habit. So, each time you experience that sensation of your brain signalling your bladder to empty, you obey it. There is a solution - distract the returning signal and stop the urge. You practise this during the day and you will soon stop that waking up at night.

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