COMMUNITY QUESTION: Pumpkin seed extract helps with OAB symptoms?

Ellen asks: 'Can someone PLEASE help me !! I have an bladder where I don't void all my urine when I go each time so I am up and down all night and I'm Soooooo exhausted during the day ! The doctor gave me Vesicare but I can't take it ! I do better with natural and I heard that pumpkin seed extract works well for some . Has anyone tried it and had good results ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!'


  • I started using AZO Bladder support with pumpkin seed about 2 months ago, I really think it is starting to help especially at night. I do take Myrbetriq but my doctor had me wait to try the pumpkin seed until after being on the medication for a few months. I also went thru 6 months of pelvic floor therapy which really, really helped with urgency and the constant feeling like I had to go.

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