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Overactive Bladder article: Control An Overactive BladderControl An Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder can cause feelings of frustration and helplessness when the sudden urge to urinate dictates the ability to do things.

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  • Hi ladies! I'm new to all this and I'm trying to find out all I can about this and then go to a doctor armed with knowledge. I have pain and urgency and can't sleep. Sounds fairly common I guess from what I've read. I can't seem to find any support groups that are active. I was wondering if any of you would like to chat with me about your OA? My FB page is open for you to see so you see I'm not a scammer. :)
  • Guess it's something nobody talks about!
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    Hi @Wendy5, so sorry I missed this! I'm so glad you've found us. We're a bit new so still looking for new friends. How long have you been managing an overactive bladder? Have you found any useful tips? :)
  • I previously had the most success with ditropan for many years but I would get recurring uti's Asa side effect. The dr said they were not true uti's even tho I had the awful symptoms & antibiotics cleared them up? I decided to have a sling put in for the stress incontinence when coughing. That was a huge mistake bc even tho the stress incontinence is gone, the frequency & urgency are worse & no medication even touches it! I researched homeopathic remedies & started taking Causticum pellets with some success but not enough. I then paid $35 twice to confer with a homeopathic online dr & started taking petroselium sativum pellets with much better success. I know it sounds crazy but I am desperate & the Drs just don't get how embarrassing & confining this is. The pellets are still not a cure all but they def help. Next I read a Suzanne Sommers book that talked about uti's & how D-Mannose helps flush away impurities. This is a cure all for uti's bc anytime I feel a twinge I take an additional 2 & it goes away! I'm still researching bc I still don't have the quality of life I want. My goal is to consistently & comfortably be able to wait 2 hours during the day & not get up at all during the night. Most recently I added Azo with bladder control. I found this to be helpful as well, esp at night. I currently only get up once at night! As this is pumpkin seed extract, I just ordered plain pumpkin seed from Amazon & am awaiting delivery. Food wise, I have stopped drinking seltzer, drink 1/2caf coffee only in a.m. & only have an occasional glass of wine. For the most part, I stay away from apples & oranges and am on a mission to eat as little processed food as possible. Listening to your body & what triggers your OAB is key. This is the first I've ever shared this but hopefully my experience will help others & I look forward to learning from the experiences of others.
  • Hi Wendy, it's a little late but I didn't know back in 2014 what I know now! If you're still having issues with this then let me share what I've discovered. The bladder is an amazing organ, it has a muscle in the lining of it which gets activated to empty. In the case of OAB, what typically happens is the lining of your bladder gets irritated (your bladder develops some bad habits) perhaps by food or drink or stress. When that happens it triggers a premature signal to your brain that it needs to empty. Your brain processes that signal and then sends a return command to your bladder (and urethra) to empty. The key to retraining your bladder is to distract the returning signal. If you can take a look at your diet and cut back those foods/drinks (caffeine is a big one) and practise some simple exercises then you can achieve better bladder control naturally.

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