Overactive Bladder Symptoms
Olivia Robbin
Olivia Robbin
June 26, 2018
If your bladder seems to have a mind of its own, take a close look at overactive bladder symptoms to determine if the condition might be to blame.

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Overactive Bladder and Dehydration

Dealing With Overactive Bladder and Dehydration

You may think limiting fluid intake will help OAB or at least lessen it, but this is actually false. Learn more about overactive bladder and dehydration.
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Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption and OAB

If you suffer from overactive bladder, you may wonder if alcohol consumption is okay. There are a few reasons why drinking alcohol is not recommended.
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OAB and Incontinence

OAB, Pregnancy and Incontinence

If you have an overactive bladder and consider becoming pregnant, you should know that other types of incontinence may also develop.
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