Research Studies for OAB

Research Studies for OAB

What You Need to Know About Joining an Overactive Bladder Study

Have you been diagnosed with Overactive Bladder (OAB) and thinking about participating in an Overactive Bladder study? is a fantastic website for people looking for opportunities to participate in research studies. They have a detailed list that includes currently in progress studies and recruit volunteers just like you. You may be surprised by how many treatments for OAB are currently being assessed; we may possibly see these treatments widely available in the future.

New Studies

If you live in Alabama, are over fifty years of age and suffer from overactive bladder, you may be eligible to enroll in a study that evaluates how efficacy of a new nasal spray designed to reduce the number of trips to the bathroom during the night.

Studies are currently being conducted in California and evaluating an already approved drug over a fourteen week period. In Colorado, a randomized double blind, placebo controlled study compares the efficacy, safety and tolerability of using the drugs Solifenacin, Succinate and Mirabegron either in combinations or on their own. These drugs are also being evaluated in clinical centers in Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

If you live in Florida, you could participate in one of the few studies that examine new treatments for OAB. You can review the list of studies currently recruiting patients here:

Next Steps

If you have a special interest in any of the studies mentioned in this article, the next step is to review the research details.  Check the eligibility criteria carefully, because subjects will be recruited based on this information. The factors that allow you to enroll in a study are called inclusion criteria. Factors that restrict participation are found under the exclusion criteria. Examples of these factors include gender, age, past treatments, or other medical conditions associated with overactive bladder.


You may receive compensation for being part of an Overactive Bladder study. There is a form that you can fill out online and send to the trial staff.\

When you contact the research team, consider asking important questions; how long will the study last, where the study be conducted and what kind of treatments will be used? What are the benefits and risks associated with the treatment?

Risks and Benefits

The benefits of enrollment in a research study include the ability to take a proactive role in your healthcare, gaining access to new and innovative treatments before they are available to pubic, obtaining evaluations and medical care, and helping scientists find better solutions for OAB sufferers.

Possible risks include potential side effects; these can be mild, unpleasant or serious, life threatening or anything in between. Furthermore, the new drug may not work. The study may be time consuming, and include regular trips to the research center, days spent in the hospital and various lab tests or investigations. Be aware that you have the right to withdraw from a study at any time for any reason you might have.


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