Overactive Bladder Medications
Angela Finlay
Angela Finlay
September 5, 2018
If bladder training, adjusting fluid intake, and creating a bathroom schedule aren’t bringing relief, it may be time to try overactive bladder medications.

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Video Lifestyle Tips for OAB video

8 Everyday Lifestyle Tips for OAB Warriors

Olivia shares what living with overactive bladder is like, and some of her favorite tips and tricks on how to live everyday life easier with OAB.
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Foods to Avoid With Overactive Bladder

Don’t Eat This! 8 Foods That Could Be Triggering Your OAB Symptoms

There are certain foods to avoid with overactive bladder and there are foods you should include in your diet that may be helpful. Learn about it here.
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Overactive Bladder Triggers to Avoid

Overactive Bladder Triggers to Avoid

Some of the foods you eat, drinks you consume, and your daily habits could be contributing to your symptomd and acting as overactive bladder triggers.
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Healthy Salad Recipes for Overactive Bladder

Healthy Salad Recipes

The reason you get any disease is because you either have toxicities or deficiencies of nutrients. This can be rectified with these healthy salad recipes!
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Benefits of Smoothies

Benefits of Smoothies

There are many health benefits of smoothies. While they won’t necessarily cure overactive bladder, they are a good way to increase energy and beat fatigue.
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Overactive Bladder and Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises for Overactive Bladder

The muscles in your pelvis are responsible for movement, control and support of your bladder and bowels, but they can easily be neglected.
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